Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pushing buttons...

Hello friends!
I didn't get to blog yesterday but I had a great time at the dog park where I played with a new dog friend.

Well today my mama and papa needed to go to work. So I decided when papa came home that I would run around and around the apartment. This was the first button I pushed!

Then mama came home and I started to play with her long dress she was wearing... she didn't like that too much. But she knew I needed to go out to potty so we went for a walk. I decided while we were out and just about to come back home that I would be stubborn and put my feet down. I didn't want to go home! I was really pushing mama's buttons today. Oh and did I mention, when we were out for a potty, I decided I didn't need to go anymore. But we came inside and about 10 minutes later, I needed to pee. I peed on my wee wee pad and it looked so good that I decided to lick it! I don't know why I do that. Well, that was the last straw and mama decided it was time for bed.

I guess its bed time now.

Good night everyone.

Love and Kisses

Sunday, September 11, 2011

End of a busy weekend

Good Evening All!
Its been a very busy weekend for mamma and papa. They have been busy doing human things, so I've been entertaining myself a lot. Some things I've been doing are run around the apartment and chew on my favorite toys. Here is a picture of me in my"cubby" with my baby!

Tomorrow mamma has promised me we can go to the dog park if it doesn't rain! Yea!!! I hope I can meet some new friends there.

Until tomorrow... GOOD NIGHT!

Love and Kisses

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another rainy day...

Well its raining on and off again today.
I don't mind it so much but I would really like to go to the park and play.
I did though meet a new friend named Henry. He is a Maltese/Yorkie mix. I felt a special connection to him. My mamma and papa think that I have a little bit of mamma's childhood dog, Scooter (he was a Maltese), in me. They tell me that I act a lot like him and are just as sweet as he is. I don't mind being told that because he sounds like he was a nice dog. I am adding a picture of him for my mamma to remember him by.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In my office

Because its raining and I can't go outside to play, I thought I would do a little reading in my office (aka the bathroom).
The NY Times is one of my favorites. They have all the good hard hitting journalism that I like. Also they employ my papa!

Love and Kisses

Rain. Rain. Go Away!

Good Morning!
Its raining out today! I don't really mind the rain but it makes my fur and face feel weird. Every time after I go out to potty I come in and run around and around the apartment to dry off.

This is a lovely picture mamma took of me after I came in from the rain. It's hard to see but my face is wet.

Oh! Also I am losing a tooth today. My fang on my right side is loose and really bothering me. It wont fall out! I think I need to chew a little more on my toys today! Hopefully it will fall out soon.

Off to play!

Love and kisses,

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello to all my followers!
My name is Rory Peanut Walter. I am 5 months old and I live with my mamma and papa in an apartment in NYC. There are many friends that live in my neighborhood. Some are old and don't like to play with me and some are young like me!
I have lots of toys that I like to play with but my favorites are my Cow, Kong and my baby(seen next to me).

Its getting late and I need to go to sleep.

Goodnight everyone!
Love and kisses